A Project of Rete Clima® for CO2 Emission Zero Web

The Internet can be Carbon Neutral

Have your website’s
surfing climate friendly!

and support our forest projects

The Web pollutes the environment by consuming considerable quantities of electric energy: in this way it indirectly contributes to co2 and greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for the climate change.


1. Calculate

the CO2 emissions produced by the access to your company’s website or blog, with a method verified by ICMQ.


2. Offset

your website CO2 emissions by international carbon offset project.
Plant trees in Italy.


3. Communicate

your commitment through a certificate, a green label for your site, your logo on this portal.

Calculate and offset the CO2eq emissions of your web site

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pageview per month


KgCO2eq per year


Source: data processing by Reteclima on the basis of the ENEA - MSE (Ministero Sviluppo Economico) document: Rational use of energy in data processing centers (2010); the tool has been developed also through the codification of a specific emission coefficient (in terms of gCO2eq/kWh) with reference to the national energy production mix stated by Terna in 2012 and by considering the servers’ actual usage in national data centers. For further details please contact us: [javascript protected email address]

Offset the annual CO2 of your website:

support the forestry italian projects and the international projects of afforestation

Your web surfing pollutes!

Surfing the web, sending emails, watching videos online, all this implies energy consumption which causes co2 emissions.

click here to know your emissions

Email usage

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KgCO2 per year


Youtube usage

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KgCO2 per year


Internet usage

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KgCO2 per year


Source: Prof. Alex Wissner-Gross – Harvard University

Reduce your environment impact of your web usage!

Here the international projects that support the carbon offset for the websites participating to the CO2web project, here the place of tree planting in Italy